Autumn Timetable, Words of Motivation , Retreat update!!

Autumn Timetable, Words of Motivation , Retreat update!!

Hi Everyone

How are you doing ? Can you believe its September!! A pinch and a punch for the first of the month…. White Rabbits…… does this ring a bell with anyone or is it just me that grew up saying these phrases on the first day of a new month!

Our retreat is only a few weeks away and I’m so excited. I will share photos and tales from our weekend of Pilates fun on our return. If I lent equipment to you in Lockdown, maybe it was weights, magic circles, mats, please could you let me know and I’ll arrange to collect them as we will be needing them on the Retreat.

Life for many of you is going to change again this month. I have made a few alterations to the class timetable in the hope that it offers you more options. I am always keen to hear from you, so any suggestions, thoughts on the new timetable will be happily received.

Autumn Timetable, Words of Motivation , Retreat update!! 1
Monday 12.30pm Intermediate Class Monday 6.45pm POWER Pilates
Wednesday 9.30am Mixed Ability Thursday 6.45pm Mixed Ability Friday 6.30am Intermediate Class Sunday 7pm Intermediate Stretchy Pilates

As the temperatures drop and Autumn arrives I am using the new Season as a marker to set new goals, refocus and find my motivation. With Lockdown, homeschooling, changes to holiday plans and life in general its been a strange time for many, including myself. Keeping focused on goals and fitness has been tough at times .

If you’re not feeling very motivated at the moment , thats ok, motivation is something thats comes and goes. Why not take a few minutes to think about everything you do for others whether its friends, family , work colleagues and how many hours you give each day, week and month to them. Then think about how much time you give to yourself. Its tricky striking a balance in life, trust me I know! I just wanted to remind you that its ok and oh so important to carve time out for you. YOU are important.

Think about why you exercise, how does it makes you feel, how do you benefit. You don’t need to be motivated before a run or a Pilates class but you do need to be determined to show up and to do it anyway. So lets start September with a few fitness goals in mind and lets end 2020 taking back some control in our lives over things that we can impact. I’m not just talking Pilates it might be a running goal for you, maybe its learning to do a headstand, walking 10,000 steps every day. If it is Pilates related it might be getting to the end of ‘The 100’ in class without needing to take a break or holding ‘The Teaser’ for 5 seconds!

Consistency and planning are two things which will have a huge impact on you achieving your goals.

Consistency will make you feel in control and give you the results you want. Planning ahead will increase the likelihood of you sticking to your goals. If I can help you in any way please let me know and I’ll certainly do my best to help.

Set your goals for this month, plan your time and be determined to show up.

Click the link below, book your classes for the whole of September and lets achieve our goals together.

Final I want to finish by saying THANK YOU , a great big thank you to everyone of you. Thank you for joining me on your mat and supporting my business. I am so motivated to make the time spent you spend with me worthwhile, fun and challenging. Autumn we are coming to get you!

Virtual Hugs

Donna xx